Santa's Lair 2018

By The Sanctuary (other events)

4 Dates Through Dec 22, 2018

For centuries St. Nicholas has been an all encompassing representation of Christmas in one form or another throughout the world.

His generous gift giving during the wintertime is anticipated by billions of people. But there is a side of Christmas that we choose to ignorewhat happens to the naughty?

They are introduced to The Doppelganger, the harbinger of punishment. The dualities of the universe cannot exist without each other. Good and Evil, Shadow and Light, Hot and Cold, Fire and Water, Earth and Air. All of these forces complement each other. Such is with Santa's Doppelganger.

Every 25 years the Doppelganger must strategically relocate his lair. He will transport with him any evil elves who have survived his reign and create new minions, infiltrate and control all that is around him until the next quarter of a century. All in the name of punishing the naughty. This playground is the sole purpose for the Doppelganger's existence.

From what we have witnessed over the past week, it is overwhelmingly apparent that Santa's Doppelganger has begun creating his new workshop of evil inside The Sanctuary. What better place to infiltrate and possess where evil has existed for almost 100 years?

Visit Santa's Lair and dare to witness the unspoken dark side of Christmas.

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